by Shashwati Talukdar

An airplane on top of a large house, a horse, a football, even a body builder — these are water tanks. The bigger and more fancy the house, the bigger were these amazing rooftop structures. When asked ‘why build a water tank of this kind?’ the answerIMG_4854 was ‘shauq.‘ That is, a gesture to the favorite hobby or aspiration of the owner of the house which could be body building, or soccer, or a gesture towards the airplane thaHousesTanks6t took them to the outbound journey which then took them out of the country to earn enough and eventually build a mansion ‘back home.’

Perhaps, it was also a sign that wealthier the owner, the bigger and showier the water tank, thereby demonstrating that the owner was wealthy enough to have access to unlimited water. A resource becoming increasingly scarce with each passing year.

HousesTanks8CUPhotographer Rajesh Vora has done a photodocumentation project about the tanks with some fancy examples.


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